Moser + Pfeil GmbH & Co.KG

Founded in 1919 by Otto Moser and Karl Pfeil. Initially manufacturing
lockets in rolled gold plated; powder compacts, mirrors in Alpaka and
little perfume bottles.

After World War II. Otto Moser and his new business partner Willi Scheible
restarted the production in the completely destroyed building. After 10 years
of successful business they started manufacturing stylish gold jewellery and
moved the production to the building in Wörthstrasse 5 in Pforzheim.

Willi Scheible became the sole owner of the company in 1968.

In 1972 Egon Sauer started working for the company as a salesman and
as commercial director; in 1979 he became business partner of Willi Scheible.
Thanks to his strong commitment he made the name MOSER + PFEIL of
high repute in the jewellery business. Since 1995 he and his daughter
Sybille Sauer-Kling lead the company together.

After 20 years employment for MP Sybille Sauer-Kling has taken over the
company in January 2009.

Today all collections of MOSER + PFEIL are manufactured in gold and silver.
The successful brand called “sueno” was launched in 2004 followed by
the band “tétino”.